IUSTALEX ABOGADOS is a team of professionals of recognised within their field. Experience and professionalism is a must in IUSTALEX ABOGADOS so, in order to guarantee the highest quality in our services, we count on collaboration with other  truested professionals if we find it necessary.




CEO & Owner

Colegiado 2629 ICA Málaga

Marisa founded the firm in 1992;  she has a degree in Law and was called to the bar in 1989.


Marisa is also a diplomat and is the Danish Counsel for the whole of Andalucia.  Marisa has over 25 years of legal experience and Speaks Spanish, English and French.


Marisa has organised and atended a number of seminars between the Spanish Bar and the Law Society of England and Wales. 


Marisa is recommended by the British Consulate in Spain.


In her spare time Marisa likes to hike with her 2 rescue dogs Troya and Tara and attend charity events.

On-going Responsibilites:
• Consulate of Denmark in Andalucia
• Member of the Comission Of Foreign Trade of the Chamber of
   Trade in Málaga

• Member of the Delegate Commission of the Malaga

   Consular Corps
• Arbitratot at the TAM (Malaga Arbitration Court)
• Member of the International Commission of the CGAE

   (General Council of Spanish Lawyers)

• Member of the Costa Press International Press Association
• Professor of the Master International Family Law of the UNIA

   (International University of Andalusia)

Posterior Rensponsibilities:
•  Deputy of the Governing Board of the Malaga Bar

   Association  (2006-2012)

• Member of the Mediterranean Commission of the Federation

   of Barreaux de Europe (2007-2015)

• President of the International section of ICA Málaga

• Coordinator of the international section Malagueña Congress

   of Lawyers (2006- 2012)
• Representative of ICA Málaga in the UIA (Union International

   des Avocats) (2008-2012)
• Representative of ICA Málaga in the BIC of the IBA (International

   Bar Association) (2009- 2012)
• Coordinator of British Hispanic Encounters of Bar Associations


• Coordinator of the organization of the Assises del Mediterráneo

• Coordinator of meetings of the Andalusia-Morocco Forum of

   Bar Associations (2011-2012)


• Philosophy of Law (Albi, France, 1982)

• Private International Law (Stockport, Manchester,

   England, 1986)

• Commercial and Corporate Law (Madrid, 1990)

• International Business Law (New York, USA, 1994)

• Continued training in commercial law (ICA Malaga)

• Continued training in Civil Law (ICA Málaga)

• International seminars and congresses Union 

   International des Avocats (2006-2012)

• International seminars and conferences Federation de

   Barreaux de Europe (2006-2012)

• Seminarios y congresos internacionales International Bar

   Association (2006-2012)

Other Collaborations:
• Regular collaborations in specialized press and

   audiovisual media

• Speaker at professional seminars

2006 Special award ADEPMA (Association of Women Directors, Entrepreneurs and Professionals of Malaga)



Colegiado 8655 ICA Málaga

Fernando Lopez Perez has a degree in Law and was called to the bar in 2013.  Fernando has worked in London, and now he specialises in Private law.


In his spare time Fernando likes playing paddle. 




John Towell is our Legal Director. John has an honours degree in Law and was called to the Bar of England & Wales in 1992 after completing his bar finals examinations. 


John is a member of the Inner Temple and has in excess of 25 years of legal experience. John is here to assist our clients from the United Kingdom. 


In his spare time John likes cycling and motorcycling.


Danish Desk

With wide experience in translation of documents into Spanish, Danish and English.

She is in charge of the files for our danish clients.



Administration Department

Specialist in Consumer Rights and Administration


English Desk

She is in charge of the files for our British clients.


Arabic Desk

She is in charge of the files for our Arabic clients.


Property, Real Estate Development and Legal Practise Specialist

Special dedication to advice and Real Estate management for non-resident, as well as family Law


Employment Law Specialist

 She acts for both Employers and Employees; she can assist with drafting contracts, dismissals, discrimination claims, and breaches of contract including unpaid wages, bonus payments and holiday pay. She also provides legal representation in court and acts in social security claims.



Specialized in criminal law.


Public Notary


We work closely with Alvaro who is based in Fuengirola, Alvaro speaks English and has good understanding of the English legal system having spent time in England.