IustaLex offers an on-line service including

e-mail consultations, WhatsApp, Telegram and Video Conferences, for the comodity

of our clients.

First consultation is invoiced at a rate of 85.00.- € + VAT for every half hour.

Our rate for services is 170.00.- € + VAT per hour or closed budget.


Civil Law

Property transactions, Wills, Claims

  • Property Purchases and Sales

  • International and National Inheritance

  • Compensation Claims

  • Will Writing

  • Neighbor Disputes

  • Rental Contracts

  • Accident claims

Family Law

Divorce, Custody, Adoptions

  • Divorce

  • Maintenance Payments

  • Division of Matrimonial Property

  • Premarital Agreements (Prenups)

Banking Law

Recovery of Deposits and Claims

  • Mis-sold Mortage Floor Clause Claims and any other Abusive Clauses and Unfair Terms.

  • Recovery of Deposits on Failed Property Developments

Administrative Law

Foreign Services, Appeals, NIE, Residencia

  • Claims for "Plusvalia" (Captial Gains) Town Hall Taxes

  • Appeals against Fines

  • Holiday Property Registration

  • Transfer of Pensions from the United Kingdom to Spain

  • NIE number applications

  • Residence applications

  • Non Lucrative Visa for citizens of USA, Canada, Australia - Golden Visa - Investment Visa - Help with Spanish Embassy

Criminal Law

Court and Legal Representation

  • Criminal charges and allegations

  • Representation at the Police Station and Representation in Court

Employment Law

Labour Accidents, Breach of Contract

  • Advice and Representation in all matters relating to Employment Law

  • Drafting of Contracts

  • Advice on Unfair Dismissal and Breach of Contract

  • Discrimations

  • Redumdancy

Commercial Law

Establishments, Contracts, Licensing

  • Establishment of companies

  • Sales and Purchases of Businesses

  • Business Contracts

  • Supplier Disputes

  • Licensing

  • Debt claims

Tax Law

Resident and non resident taxes

  • Taxes for Resident and Non-resident Property

  • Taxes

  • Appeals

  • Business Taxes


Property transactions, Community Fees

  • Buying and Selling Property.

  • Change of utilities

  • Taxes and Community Owners Fees

Property Service

Would you like to buy or sell
a property in Spain?


We offer a complete professional integrated service which is personalised to meet the needs of you the client.  

From your first contact with ourselves an expert Lawyer will deal with your purchase or sale in order to ensure that all is in order and contact you throughout the process so as to keep you informed.

You will save time and money and not incur additional costs, you will only pay for our standard legal service and the fixed expenses incurred in your property transaction that are required here in Spain. 

Remember; you can choose any lawyer you want to help you in your property transaction. There is no need to instruct the lawyer recommended by the estate agent

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